25 engaging ice breakers for virtual meetings that wont bore your team!

Before the game starts, ask the participants to display all the ten fingers. Alternatively, they can hold ten pens, straws, toothpicks, or other similar objects. Throughout the game, icebreakers for virtual meetings the participants must make the fingers or the objects visible on the Zoom screen. Go around the meeting participants and hear what animal they think represents them the best.

Such virtual activities and icebreaker games for Zoom can add some fun and help break the monotony of meetings. In a virtual team setting, it can be difficult to get to know your teammates on a personal level. However, you can still build rapport with your colleagues and develop strong relationships with them by finding ways to have meaningful interactions. One way you can do this is by sharing family-themed ice breakers with one another. The purpose of these ice breakers is not only for team building but also for generating meaningful conversations that will allow you and your teammates to grow closer as people. Spice up your virtual meetings and team bonding sessions with This or That – the AI-powered question generator that makes games easy and fun!

PMP Question Bank

Your coworkers likely know a few jingles they either love or can’t stand. You could even quickly search for the commercial jingles on YouTube so everyone can hear them for a laugh. Next, allow all groups a couple of minutes to discuss the topic before coming back to the main room to share what each pair talked about. It’s about taking a break from everything for a while and enjoying quality time with friends or colleagues over a cup of coffee or tea. In one of the meetings, he asked everyone to anonymously submit into Slido three brands they know they ‘love a bit more than is logical’.

  • (We doubt this will be a problem.) Send everyone a link to a personality quiz you think they would like.
  • You and your coworkers can bond in new ways and develop deeper relationships even if everyone works remotely.
  • A person enacts a word and the remaining team members need to guess.
  • Introverts will appreciate this, as it feels more comfortable to share something in a pair, compared to the whole team.
  • You could try scavenger hunts, trivia games, two truths and a lie, pictionary, and charades.

People will get the most from this 5-minute team building activity if it’s truly organic and open-ended. After the skit, set a timer for 10 minutes and pose your https://remotemode.net/ discussion questions with the group. Zoom icebreaker sessions help in team building, adding a bit of fun to monotonous work and creating happier, engaged teams.

Build a great team culture!

If you already know the people you’re meeting with, and want conversation to flow, crack open an afternoon beer or a glass of wine. Encourage your guests who work from home to give a 15-second home office tour, and share what their workspaces look like, chaos and all. Invite them to share a quick fact about the city, state or country they live in, too. This quick virtual game does double duty by encouraging participants to both do a little stretching while also learning a valuable lesson about the danger of previous associations.

funny icebreakers for virtual meetings

We set up a virtual whiteboard, and each of us was supposed to write our ideas on little stickers that we then posted on the board. Take advantage of one of the visual collaboration tools such as Mural. We tried it recently during our Brand team meeting and it was an hour well spent – productive, creative, and fun. You can call it whatever you like – virtual watercooler talks, virtual happy hour – it’s your choice.

The Electric Fence Icebreaker

Whether they achieved it or not, the answers will be tiny peeks into their personalities. Start an icebreaker conversation about everyone’s favorite childhood costume if Halloween is coming up. People could bond over memories of homemade outfits or the costumes they wore on repeat. Anyone who didn’t participate in Halloween could still join the activity by mentioning what they wore during dress-up or even a school play.

The next task is for participants to line up the animal in order, from the tiniest to the largest. Finally, the leader will ask the players to reveal the name of the chosen animal to confirm whether the guesses and the order is correct. To begin this zoo line-up game, the leader will ask the participants to think of a zoo animal they like the most. The leader will then ask the participants to pretend to be the chosen animal by imitating the chosen animal’s sound. If the players are unfamiliar with the animal’s sounds, then they may use gestures to describe the animals.

Virtual Scavenger Hunting game

Here are some interactive ice breaker games to get everyone participating and in a good mood for the meeting ahead. One way that you can do this is by making ice breakers that are related to movies. Movies are a popular topic of conversation, which means that they will be an easy way to start conversations and get people interested in what you have to say.

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